I have been deeply involved in web and apps for the last few years. My main programming language is Actionscript 3, an object-orientated programming language primarily used for creating games and applications in Flash. I mainly use it in conjunction with the Starling framework to power iOS and Android apps, as well as web applications.

Yahoo Inc

Front End Developer (AS3), 2012 - Present

At Yahoo I build and deploy some of the most heavily viewed ads in the world, as well as create and maintain the larger scalable AS3 infrastructure, which is leveraged globally and deployed in ads reaching millions of computers worldwide.

  • Edit and built fully robust flash ads from assets or from scratch, utilizing AS3 and custom classes.
  • Created a large internal codebase and class set for use within the team and worldwide.
  • Created a streamlined method of rapidly developing robust ads.
  • Built highly interactive content for top companies and multi-million dollar campaigns.

Allen Interactions

Flash Developer & Interactivy Producer, 2008 - 2012

Allen Interactions is one of the top e-learning companies in the world. We specialize in creating highly engaging and interactive custom learning courses.

  • Designed and coded multiple learning interactions in AS3.
  • Maintained and updated existing framework.
  • Worked on over 50 different courses which have been taken by over 300,000 users across 8 countries.
  • Produce large-scale solutions for high-profile clients, including Apple, Lucasfilm, HSBC World Bank, and Old Navy.
  • Created and managed studio’s website, including managing content deliveries and client access for project review.

Lucky Toad Studios

Founder and Developer, 2011 - Present

I created Lucky Toad Studios as an outlet for my creative and coding passion. We create fun mobile apps and freelance web development. I design, code, and publish all of the software.

  • Over 20 apps created and published
  • Games have received over 1,000 downloads per day
  • Code all apps in Actionscript3 and compile to iPhone and Android
  • Leverage Starling framework to utilize the iPhone GPU and Stage 3D technology

Respectance Inc

User Experience Manager, 2007 - 2008

Respectance is the leading online memorial service and the pioneer in emo-social media. As the first US employee, I was in charge of the website from a user experience perspective, and wrote PRD’s for an entire redesign of the site.

  • Wrote the requirements and managed major overhaul of website, doubling membership within a few months.
  • Hosted daily meetings 10 developers via Skype, checking their progress on their work and assigning new tasks.
  • Led focus groups and usability testing in US and Europe to gain cross-cultural understanding of user experiences.
  • Directed Google Adwords advertising, driving over 70% of website traffic.


BS in Advertising, 2007 - San Jose State University

I received my Bachelors Degree in Advertising from San Jose State University in 2007. While there, I received a handful of awards, including winning 1st place in the National Guard Advertising Campaign as well as being a Dean’s Scholar for high GPA.

Tech Skills

Actionscript 3
Adobe Flash
Adobe Photoshop
Starling Framework
Adobe AIR
LMS Systems
Audio & Video Editing
Citrus Engine Library
Nape Physics Engine
Adobe Dreamweaver