I encode a lot of videos at work. Recently we started a new ad format that requires us to create h.264 and webM formats, but the problem is that webM isn’t supported as an export option in Adobe Media Encoder! Was aggravating at first, since this required an additional step, but after researching online, I found that someone made a plugin for Media Encoder and it works great! Just wanted to share:


Download file: http://www.fnordware.com/downloads/WebM_v0.5b2_mac.zip

After extracting, take the file “WemB Premiere.bundle” and place it here : /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/CSX/MediaCore

Note – “CSX” should be whatever version of CS you have. If you have CC, i think it should be 7. Also, if you dont have this path, just create it with the version of CS you have and it will work. I had a coworker who only had up to the /Plug-ins/ folder…we made the rest of the folders and it worked great!


Download file: http://www.fnordware.com/downloads/WebM_v0.5b2_win.zip

After extracting, take the file “WebM.prm” and place it here: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\CS6\MediaCore