I am just getting started with the Red5 server and wanted to post about my progress as I move forward. I am following a series of video tutorials by Ronny Welter, but thought it might be easier to document some of the steps outside of a video.

I use a mac development environment, so all my writings will be from that perspective. Please keep this in mind and make the necessary changes if you are using a PC.

Getting Started

1 – First, find the latest Red5 release from here: http://www.red5.org/red5-server/ (at the time of writing, I was using 1.0 RC 1)

2 – Download the zip

3 – Rename unzipped folder to Red5

4 – Move it to applications

5 – Launch the server by opening terminal and typing the following:

  • cd /Applications/Red5
  • sh Red5.sh
  • This will launch the Red5 server. To test and make sure it’s working, go to http://localhost:5080/ in your browser, and you should see the server page. Success!